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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mike Leach Suspended

Mike Leach Suspended

He head coach of the Texas Tech University Football team has been suspended for inappropriate action taken against his player. Mike Leach went on to punish his team’s player- Adam James by placing him in isolation for three hours, after he was injured. The player, who also happens to be the son Of Craig James (who played as the running back for New England’s Patriots and then became an ESPN analyst) had been recommended by his doctors to take it easy for a while in lieu of a concussion that had occurred on December 16. The coach had given instructions to such an extent that Adam James was not even allowed to sit or lean in the dark place. The punishment meted out by the coach had been a confinement to the “darkest place, to clean out the equipment and to make sure that he could not sit or lean”. This confinement went on for three hours.

Mike Leach did not stop with one punishment either. After a couple of days, he sentenced the same isolation to the same player. According to sources, he had advised his trainer to put Adam James in the “darkest, tightest spot”. Adam James was at last put up in an electrical closet.


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