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Monday, December 28, 2009

Von Trapp Family

Sound of Music Von Trapp Family!

Music and von dust home tonight, there is the sound! And the Family Von Trapp, Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer, The Sound of Music annual leave in the broadcast communication.

The film is based on songs of wonderful music by Maria von dust (Julie Andrews) and Captain von Trapp (Christopher Plummer)-led families.

Broadcast at 7:00 tonight, ABC.

“The widow and the Austrian retired naval officer, Captain von dust (Christopher Plummer) is unnecessary restrictions and strictly enforce discipline, and one of the most unconscious, because he was seven malnourished children, when it comes to a house of Austria, the joy and love. to become a nun in the convent life was not enjoyable to the same restrictive and Maria (Julie Andrews), who broke in an attempt to change its rules. pastor of the mother (Peggy Wood) decided to Maria, who would not cut to become a nuns, and should be taken to work in the near Salzburg city of Feng house dust in the nanny. ”


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